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We sell new Stern Pinball games! What an impressive display of BRAND NEW and almost new Stern pingames! Just sold the Limited Edition Star Wars! Also, Game of Thrones Premium! (I kept the GOT LE I got Still IN THE BOX) Walking Dead pro, Aerosmith Premium. AC/DC Pro “vault”!  HUO Avengers Pro, Transformers LE Combo with some extra mods, and a Star Trek Pro!  Other Stern Pin set up for sale and play: KISS Limited Edition, Mustang Pro, Metallica Pro, WrestleMania LE, Ironman Classic (Home model). Sorry, sold out of Ghostbusters. Come in and check out the new selection!



It’s amazing what games come through our doors! Newest arrivals: Funhouse and Junkyard. Haven’t had either game in years! They need some TLC. Funhouse is working good.

Other news flash! $1000. off Addams Family pingame #0806. Also, NASCAR sit down driving game is now only $1395. And the prototype sit-down Outrun driving game with hydraulic base is half off, now only $995.

If you can, I still recommend that you come and visit the Pinball Store. You really can’t judge a machine by pictures. Come in, play a few games, narrow your choices to a few machines that might jump out at you, and play play them. Play several times. You can’t judge a machine by playing only one game. What do you like? What don’t you like? It’s kind of like shopping for a car, or a suit. Some might be happy with the first one they try. Others might get overwhelmed by all the choices. I recommend finding the one that makes you happy and feels just right!

Last updated: 12/07/17

The passion we have for Pinball is amazing! What started out as a hobby with a game or two, more projects found their way into the basement and garage. Humble beginnings of “Dr. Scott’s” Pinball in Maumee, Ohio, started in a 400 sq.ft. heated double storage unit on Sophia St. in 1993. The dream became true when I moved into a 1500 sq.ft. storefront in the Uptown Business district in 1995. In 2005 we moved into our current location became and the dream became even bigger! 5500 sq.ft. with over 60 pinball games set up, dozens of vintage video games, plus slot machines, bowling machines, foosball, neons, megatouch, candy vendors, etc., etc.! This is one amazing store.

The one thing we are NOT is an arcade. If someone is going to pay serious coin for a new or a beautifully restored vintage coin operated game, they want it to be pristine and not abused by some kid with gooey fingers. The other situation is that this facility is NOT a kid friendly location. There are “boobie traps” throughout the building as we work on projects where ever they might be. For their safety, little kids must be kept under control at all times!

Most of the 20+ years we’ve been in business, Ron or I have been seminar speakers at Pinball Expo. In fact, I attended Expo #1 in 1985, and I’ve got the T-shirt to prove it. For me, the highlight of Expo is the autograph session Saturday afternoon. Every year we’ll take pieces or parts of games to be signed. We get to meet & greet the artists & designers. Over the years, they get to know us and we’ve got to know them. We don’t charge anything extra for an autographed game. We think it’s really neat and fun to do.

Payment plan: A ⅓ down will hold a game for you. Another payment of a ⅓ on a month or so and the final payment upon delivery or pick up.
Unfortunately, Loan Shark companies that offer “12 months same as cash” financing, only do so with new merchandise, plus it’s not worth the hassle. We’ve also tried our own version of “rent to own” with disastrous results!


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