Welcome! You have to see our location to believe it! We are the largest Full Service Pinball reseller in the Tri-State Area bar none!

Why should you buy from us? We take pride in our work. Most of the pingame playfields are completely torn down, taken apart, cleaned, waxed and reassembled. Ron can do board level repairs. Cabinets are cleaned and many times waxed. Legs are cleaned with fresh leg levelers, and lately, Steveo has been having fun painting legs in an accent color for a distinctive look. Then we retire warn balls and are replaced with shiney new virgin chrome pinballs!

After you’ve had your pingame for a few years and you want to trade up to something fancier, we offer you a couple options. We can give you 50% credit of what you paid for your game towards the purchase of another game of your choice (providing the game has been taken care of, not abused, cabinet painted or the playfield altered (sadly we’ve seen happen.) Or, we can take your game on consignment, you get 75% of the selling price less any service you receive. Try that anywhere else!

Economy keeping your dream game just that, only a dream? We have a wide selection of great video and pinball games just for you. If there’s a game you like, a 1/3 down and we will hold it for you. Make a 2nd payment, then the final 1/3 upon delivery or pick up. Then you’ll be “flipping out” to your very own Pinball machine. Come on in and get acquainted with us and all our fantastic selection.

We have a great assortment of pinball machines for every budget. You know you have always wanted one come on in and try one, so why not come in today!