Trade In

We will give you 1/2 of what you paid for a machine purchased from us towards the purchase of another machine of your choice. Even after several years of ownership (providing the game has been taken care of, not abused or altered which we’ve seen happen.) You may also consign to sell your machine through our showroom for 75% of the selling price less repairs if needed to get it sellable. Try that anywhere else!

Trade-in Policy

Years after you’ve enjoyed your game, you feel you want to trade up for a fancier game, We will give you 50% trade in credit towards the purchase of another game.
(Assuming the game is in reasonably good shape and no radical changes have occurred, including the painting of the cabinet or rearranging of the playfield features [We have seen it happen] or anything that would reduce the value of the game.)

This is on the purchase price of the game only. Does not include the sales tax paid or the Delivery & Set-up that was charged.

Consignment Policy

Consignments are always welcomed.
If you bought the game from us, you get 75% of what We sell a game for less any service it might need. (Which can be subtracted from the money you would get when the game is sold, in other words,there is no upfront repair money required from you when we take the game.) If you didn’t buy the game from us, we will still take it on consignment, but you get 60% of what we sell it for, less any service it might need.

If the game should require additional service while the game is on the show room floor or warehouse, you will be contacted and required to pay for the services. An estimate can be made.

All consignments are handled in a contract form so all the this is spelled out and signaures are required so both customer and our store meet those requirements.

Games left at the store are covered by our insurance if disaster occurs.