8 Ball


This Pool themed, 2-player pinball game from 1966 was designed by Norm Clark. Definitely older school with the shorter flippers and actual bells being clanged (compared to ’70s chime boxes). The bumper in the lower center by the flippers has to be finely tuned to get the bounce-back action the player expects. We will gladly show you how easy it is to keep it maintained properly.

This game would be worth a whole lot more if it was in better condition. With this I’m referring to the spider-webbing on the backglass by the score wheels. Also, the paint on the cabinet has some splitting from moisture damage. The good news is that the playfield is real good shape. The colors are fun and bright.

This is the sort of game that should be played by someone who is looking for this vintage game or looking for a pool themed game. Thinking that this is something that the kids would enjoy, might end up disappointed. (…however…)

Condition: 6/8/6

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