Action Claw

$1,495.00 $995.00

Thanks to the new Ohio Casino Commission regulations, since a claw game awards a player something of value, it is considered gambling. I have owned this crane for decades. This was the last claw game I had on location and I didn’t want to buy the $3000 license fee to operate it. (Since then the commission changed their fee structure.)

It’s been a great workhorse of a machine. Set for 25¢ play. When I moved it back to the shop, inside I found a receipt from 1998 when it was at “Dexter’s” in Bowling Green, OH. That place has been closed for years.

For the kid (or kid at heart) who can’t pass up a claw game on the street, how about one in his bedroom (or gameroom)? Great place to put all the plush toys you never know where to put them…here you go!

Since I won’t be needing any plush toys, I’ll toss in the toys. The two florescent tubes in the top have been replaced with LED strip tubes.

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