Addams Family


This was the most successful pinball game of the 90’s. Maybe of all time! (That point is debated) Regardless, the design team headed up by Pat Lawlor poured a lot of imagination and creativity into creating this wonderful machine. John Youssi did the art, Larry DeMar and his team did the software. Over 20,000 Addams Family pinball games were manufactured in 1992. If lots were produced, they why does this game command such a high price? My answer: because it is brilliant!

All the gimmicks work; “Thing” comes out of the box to grab the ball, The “Thing” flip shot into the swap can do it on its own. The pulsing under the playfield magnets make me laugh every time. The only add-on mod is a polar bear above the center bear ramp. A previous owner installed LEDs that are not CoinTaker. They’re okay but this game deserves an upgrade to CoinTaker LEDs.

The playfield I would say is better than average. The windows on the mansion are nice and original. The only real playfield issue is in the orange cloud where a previous owner did a fairly good job touching up the woodgrain paint cracks and covered with Mylar. A previous owner did a fairly good job of touching up issues with the cabinet. The backglass is nice. Larry DeMar’s autograph is in the center just above Thing.  You’ll enjoy this masterworks for many, many years!

Condition: 9/8/8

Pictures are NOT of the game #1115 but of one we sold earlier. I will try to get that fixed real soon.

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