Air Aces


Just in. This is the 1975 Bally electro-mechanical designed by Jim Patla, art by Dave Christensen.

I sold this game in 2007. The family grew up and mom is moving into a smaller crib. It’s come back home for some TLC

The backglass is in awesome condition other than one small scratch and a few burn spots from the 4th player too hot of bulbs. The playfield has more than I’d like vertical woodgrain paint cracking wear in the blue area in front of the 10 drop targets and by the bonus count lenses. The cabinet has typical nicks & scratches. Instead of having a hole on each side of the cash door for a security bar, under the flipper button, about halfway down, there are 4 small bolts in a rectangle on the left and right side of the cabinet.

The price reflects these imperfections.

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