Asteroids Cocktail


We have here a painstakingly restored original 1979 Atari Asteroids in a 2-player sit-down cocktail game. It was acquired as part of a warehouse raid in Tiffin, OH. Of course it didn’t work.

Occasionally a customer will enquire if have an Asteroids and we’d have to answer with stammer. Then a customer brought an Asteroids pleaded  and convinced Ron to work on his game. Reluctantly (because working on Atari’s X-Y system is a bitch!) Ron agreed. At that point we brought the sadly ignored game in from the polebarn. Working on both games at the same time helped to compare parts and components. After a lot hair pulling and many hours we have a working Asteroids. WayToGo Ron! (I’m so blessed to have an employee with such talent!)

The original glass has some scratches. The cabinet is actually in pretty good shape. The metal frame was cleaned up and painted textured black.

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