This 1975 single player game has the same playfield layout as Ed Krynski’s 1971 Sheriff/Lawman. Jeff Brenner reworked the rules and made a few changes on the playfield. The art is by Gordon Morison.

I bought this Gottlieb game at least 40 years ago since I couldn’t find a Sheriff. I always had it in the back of my mind that this was going to be a fun someday project when I retire. Many years ago I removed the plastics and put in a bag for safe keeping.

When my Pinhead Buddy and editor of The PinGame Journal, Jim Schelberg was organizing a museum exhibit he found out that I owned an Atlantis and asked it used. But…then I realized I’m 66 and have no plans to retire. So, it got pulled out. Ordered a new plastic set. New Drop targets. Got the very last drop target reset bracket in Steve Young’s inventory. All new posts. Painted the legs a matching aqua green. Pictures and videos of this museum exhibit can be seen on

I wasn’t going to sell it. But, I did get the Sheriff I wanted. And, wow, Atlantis is a totally different game than Sheriff/Lawman, even though the playfield layout is identical.

That’s what the game is worth to me. If you want a nice working Atlantis, here’s one for your collection. Playfield has some wear by the flippers and some painted touch-up, cabinet has some nicks. Backglass is good. The legs are painted a matching sea green.


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