I'm sure the question was asked: “If the head of the machine is folded down, why can't they be taller?” BIG GUNS was the result! This 1987 has a ton of bells and whistles. Designed by Mark Ritchie and Python Anghelo. Python also did the artwork. unleashed with his brand of creativity! Midieval knights and castles in outer space! Huh? That's Python for you, and, you know what? he pulls it off successfully! Ball kickers that actually launch balls airborne. Backglass animation of a plinko style mini pinball game. Also has one of the toughest most insane skill shots ever put on a pinball game.
This machine is in great shape. Original factory Mylar. Backglass is beautiful! Overall cabinet is solid with less than the usual nicks & scratches. Solid colors. There is a small wear spot about the size of a dime south west of the coin door.
Condition: 9/8.5/8.5

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