Bowling Queen


General Information:
Designed by Wayne Neyens. Art by Roy Parker.
Manufactured by Williams starting in July, 1964.

Bowling is a popular theme for pinball, plus it gives operators a good themed game to put in their bowling alley locations. Classic Gottlieb single player wedge-head game with backglass animation. Roll thru the lane that is lit to pop a ball into the featured row on the backglass. This game has five balls, you can play one at a time as you should, or if you want a fast and crazy game, you can play all five at once. That gap between the flipper is pretty wide with the original shorter flippers. That bounce-back post doesn’t quite help making that gap fair. Makes for a challenging and a quick game. (We can install the longer modern flipper style if you prefer at no additional charge, to make the game a bit more fun to play.) The pinball purist is gasping at even the thought of such a suggestion.

7/7/7 Overall, not too bad, but, I sure wish it was in better condition. Backglass has typical flaking in a few areas and a bit of spider webbing in the white between the numbers. The playfield is in pretty darn good shape. Far from mint. The ink and paint on the apron is really nice. There is a short piece of masking tape above the ball view hole I don’t want to try to remove not knowing if it might do damage. The cabinet is solid and in good shape with a few dings and scratches, except there is an area above the backglass where several square inches of the top layer of plywood laminate broke off and is missing. The price reflects these defects.

Year: 1964

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