Captain Fantastic


Elton John is on the backglass from the classic scene from the movie TOMMY, this 1976 Bally classic pinball was designed by Greg Kmiec and over the top artwork by Dave Christensen. They were both at Pinball Expo and got each to sign the apron. (no extra charge! just fun to do!)
This game plays great! Too bad there is playfield wear between the drop targets on the left and the thumper bumpers. Many years ago, (by somebody else!) someone tried to touch up the royal blue paint.
The same person probably repainted the very front of the cabinet. They did OK, but, it isn't quite right. But, when you're playing this great game, you don't even see the front.
All this being said, this is why this game is $1000 less than the last two captains we sold.
Condition: 9/6/6

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