Captain Fantiastic


1976 Classic designed by Greg Kmiec and incredible art by Dave Christensen promoted the movie TOMMY. The backglass features the Pinball Wizard scene from the movie with Elton John.

Awesome playing game. As a player in the late 70’s, I think I pumped more quarters into that game than any other.

The original playfield had a lot of playfield wear. Many, many years ago when Steveo was liquidating some of his pin stuff, I purchased a Captain playfield overlay. It was a lot of work for Ron. Starting with removing everything off the playfield, then sand off all the playfield paint, perfectly align it with the lenses, adhere, and then, put everything back…perfectly! It makes the playfield look like it is brand new. It looks so good its kind of spooky looking.

When we were at Pinball Expo Greg autographed the apron. The backglass is almost flawless. The playfield has the beautiful overlay expertly installed. Cabinet has typical nicks and scratches. Coin door is nice, if you look closely, it has some security hasp holes filled in with pop rivets and straightened out bends.

Condition: 9.5/9.5/8

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