El Dorado (1975)

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This is the original single player  Gottlieb electro-mechanical pingame from 1975. Designed by Ed Krynski and art by Gordon Morison. El Dorado is the Replay version. (Gold Strike and Lucky Strike are Add-A-Ball versions of the very same game.)

The drop target was a Williams patent, however, I feel Gottlieb perfected it. This playfield design of 15 drop targets and 4 flippers is pinball perfection! (I have Target Alpha (1976), the 4-player version in my personal collection.) Gottlieb knew it and capitalized on this design. The same playfield was used in Solar City (1977), the 2 player, and there’s a rare promotional 4-player called Canada Dry promoting the brand of Ginger Ale. In 1984 Premier made a solid state using the same playfield.

The backglass on this game has some thin spots in the top left yellow and some flaking in the logo’s red. The playfield is in very good condition with a few imperfections. The cabinet is solid with a few typical nicks & scratches.

The game plays great!


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