Family Guy


General Information about Family Guy: Wonderfully innovative with an actual mini pinball game inside of a pinball game for Stewie to play.  Designed by PLD, as an independent design company that stands for Pat Lawlor Design, Inc. Art by John Youssi and Margaret Hudson. Manufactured by Stern Pinball in 2007

What’s new here: we put the time and effort to replace the incandescent bulbs with CoinTaker LEDs without jacking up the price. Now it looks more awesome!

Comments about Family Guy: If you laugh at the show and find the potty humor side splitting funny, your will love this game! If you are disgusted and turned off by offensive chatter and foul mouthed comments, this game isn’t for you.

Condition of Inventory #0796: Incredible!! I sold this game new, out of the box, 7 years ago. Ron did a complete tear down so the game looks and plays like it is brand new. The only tiny flaw on the playfield is a wear spot in the ‘N’ in PINBALL from the Stewie kick-out scoop.

Condition: 9/9/9

Year: 2007

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