Gilligan’s Island


This 1991 PinGame is the first Bally/Williams game released with a Dot Matrix Display (DMD). Art by John Youssi. Designed by Ward Pemberton and Dan Langlois.

This is great starter game for someone who wants lots of bells and whistles in a DMD game and isn’t overly concerned about condition. We’ve done a lot of work to get this game wonderful. Ron did a complete playfield teardown and meticulously got all the bugs out of the spinning island so it works perfectly. The driverboard had been replaced with an aftermarket Rottendog board. CoinTaker LEDs. Game plays great and like it should.

Here’s the downside: The actual tempered backglass has been replaced with plexi. The translight is in good condition. The playfield has some wear spots. The graphics on the cabinet are pretty faded. there are holes drilled around the cash door and the vinyl by the legs have been picked at revealing the cabinet wood. However, the lower price reflects these conditions.

Currently on location at Sardini’s Good Time Eatery on W. Alexis in Toledo.

Hope to have pictures posted soon.