High Speed


This game was a poor neglected puppy. Battered, abused and worst of all neglected. Ron spotted it years ago at Expo. Since this game is one our favorites, I knew that Ron has the talent and skill to rescue this High Speed. It sat for years in storage. Then, when he realized that he could come up with a complete board set plus an X-Pin display set, it was time to get this project finally started.

Steveo and Ron were eager to get the Bondo out. But, before that, the cabinet had to be made structurally solid. Oh, the work and time and TLC it took to made this restoration dream a reality. (They even rejected a set a vinyl graphics because the red was too pink and the black wasn’t black enough.)

For what this 1986 pingame, designed by Steve Ritchie, art by Mark Sprenger and Python Anghelo became, is one amazing transformation. When you open it up, you’ll see some rusty stuff. Don’t let that bother you. When you play and get great action from the flippers and the bumpers, smile and know that you are playing a finely tuned rescue.

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