High Speed


This 1986 Williams pingame designed by Steve Ritchie with art by Python Anghelo and Mark Sprenger changed pinball forever. It’s the first pin to have a story to the play objective. Prior to High Speed it was essentially hit 1-2-3 to light A-B-C.

A lot of work went into this rescue. Customer brought this puppy to the PinballStore for repair. I had never seen such battery damage on a system 11 board as this one had. The playfield fell victim tip-less plunger nicking  the balls tearing up the playfield bad. Customer wasn’t sure if he wanted to put the bucks into just getting it working and playable. The good news was the backglass and cabinet It sat here for about a year and I’d call him every couple months with the same non-answer. Us buying it was always an option. Finally he agreed we could buy it.

Ron found CPU that he could repair. Repaired the displays. Ordered Top Coat playfield overlay. Painstakingly took everything off the playfield, sanded it down to the bare wood, skillfully applied the new graphics and painstaking reassembled everything that’s on the playfield. Add CoinTaker LEDs. Now what was a sad example of the classic Williams game is now a great playing showpiece.


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