R:  141 G:  255 B:  166 X:54188 Y:    0 S:    0 Z:   54 F:  142

Indianapolis 500


This 1995 pingame was designed by Dennis Nordman, Art by Dan Hughes and Paul Barker. The production run of only 2249 games made make this pingame fairly rare and desirable.

Dennis had fun cramming lot of features on a regular sized playfield. We finally got around to adding CoinTaker LEDs (Thanks Gary!) to make this game complete.

The playfield and backglass are in great shape. The cabinet has several nasty scratches and dings from a previous owner trying to take it out of a basement, assembled, and the stairway that had a tight turn. (two thoughts on that: Wish I was there to help and show them how to do it vs. sure glad I wasn’t there!)

Condition: 9/9/7

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