KISS Limited Edition by Stern


The only thing better than this outstanding KISS collectible is owning the original 1979 KISS pingame. Although, after playing the new Stern KISS pinball, it’s hard to compare. (Kind of like loving to drive a 1965 mustang and then you get to drive the new 50th Anniversary Mustang! Which is better? Though call!)
That depends upon your tastes! Loud, in-your-face KISS rock-n-roll as the player gets to choose from 11 different songs.

This brand new, out-of-the-box pin has all the bells & whistles. The LED light show is as amazing as the high fidelity stereo sound. Playfield design team was headed up by John Borg. Kevin O’Connor, the artist who did the classic 1979 backglass also shares his talents again for the newest KISS pinball by Stern.

Condition: 10/10/10

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