Lost World


This is the 1978 Bally with the self portrait of Paul Faris along with his wife.  Playfield design by Gary Gayton. This is Bally’s first game to use electronic sound replacing the chime box, It was also the first backglass to use a photographic process instead of silkscreened paint on glass. The visual difference at the time was stunning!

The battery corroded CPU was replaced with an aftermarket Ultimate CPU. The power supply brick was rebuilt with fresh bridge rectifiers. The bottom edge connector was replaced. The game plays great.

Overall, the condition of this game is fair and the low price reflects its condition. The backglass had some typical lifting along the bottom edge and this was skillfully repaired by Steveo. The playfield has some serious wear that must have been touched up by a previous owner. The cabinet fairly nice except there was some sort of sticker by the left flipper and a previous owner tried to remove it and in doing so ruined a sizeable (4″x4″) square of paint. There 3 pair of holes drilled in the coin door and cabinet.


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