Old Chicago


This classic 1976 Bally 4-player pingame was designed by Greg Kmiec and art by Dave Christensen and John Youssi is a rescue.

The backglass was flaking, the head was a Capt. Fantastic, but the cabinet was solid and playfield was nice  (a little wear just above the flippers) with good plastics and apron. It sat neglected in the storeroom for a several years. At a Ohio Pinball Show a few years ago we picked up a BG Resto repro backglass. Then Ron heard about alternate cabinet graphics. I liked it! So, Ron pulled it out and got it working great and pimped out the playfield with LEDs. Then removed side rails, sanded off the original graphics. Filled the imperfections with Bondo, more sanding and priming. Then skillfully applied the new cabinet art.

A lot of work went into make this basket case of a game into a fun to play showpiece.


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