1986 Williams pin designed by Python Anghelo & Barry Oursler. Art by Python Anghelo.

Really cool sci-fi themed robot fantasy pin. Complete the 5×5 matrix and the visor opens. Lock the balls in the left and right eyes for multiball. Drop targets on the left side advance solar system planets for bigger points. When you’re standing in front of the game, if you look at the backglass you can see your face reflecting in Pin*bot’s mask. Gee, I wonder where Deft Punk got their headgear inspiration?

Game plays great! CoinTaker LEDs really make the colors and personality of this game pop! It has the typical Pin*bot issue of occasionally the ball will get hung up on the ridge of the disappearing targets by the visor.

Overall, I give this game a solid 8.5 if not better.

More to come.

Solid 8.5

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