1986 Williams classic designed by Barry Oursler, art by Python Anghelo.

Ron started working on this game right away! Total playfield teardown complete with new posts.  The new PinScore LED displays look great!

The factory Mylar kept the playfield really nice! There is some playfield wear by the bumpers which isn’t easily seen under the elevated mini playfield. The translight has a little wear by the corner of player 4’s display and a scratch just above Game Over. The cabinet has a few nicks and scratches. There are a few serious plywood rips on the lower edges of the head that need to be filled with Bondo, sanded and painted black to make it look better. However, that will have to wait for now.

It plays great! Looks great! If the cosmetic imperfections of the cabinet head don’t bother you, its ready to go!


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