RollerCoaster Tycoon


Just in! Still needs to be shopped out and non-ghosting CoinTaker LED’s installed.

This is the Pat Lawlor design manufactured by Stern Pinball in 2002. Art by John Youssi.

If a game is going to have ramps, let’s have a reason for ramps! The licensed theme based on the hit video game of the same name is executed perfectly. I’ve always enjoyed playing this game.

This game is in excellent condition and should clean up nicely. It plays great! I bought and sold this game from a collector in 2014 and its been in a ground floor bedroom for the last 7 years and well maintained.

Other than the typical wear spots by the flippers, the cabinet is almost perfect with absolutely no fading. The blue plastic cabinet protectors nicely covers up the wear marks caused by the legs against the cabinet. Translight is perfect. The playfield has no wear whatsoever. If you look real close in the right light, you can see some typical “dimpling” where the ball has bounced harder than normal. As a player standing in front of the game, it looks awesome!


Pictures will be posted when we’re done with it. If interested in this title, a down payment will put your name on it.


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