Seeburg “R-100” Jukebox


This is from “Dr.Scott’s” personal collection. Since moving into a tiny house on the river with no basement, there is no room!

The Seeburg R-100 Select-o-matic from 1954 is one of the most desirable jukeboxes around with lots of chrome and glass. The “100” means that it can play 100 tunes. (both sides of 50 records) Size: 36″x57″x27″.

Ron’s skill is amazing as he rebuilt the amp for the 2nd time. (The amp and selector unit were initially rebuilt by JukeDoc of Ohio in Columbus 40 years ago.) Gary did a great job of cleaning decades of accumulated dust and film to make this classic 1954 jukebox sparkle! In addition to the 50 records in the box, you will be entitled to pick out 50 additional 45’s from the collection of 45’s we have for sale.

Here’s my backstory: My senior year of college (1973) I was taking film-making. Fascinated by the arcing spark of the flipper switch inside by the plunger, I had the idea of what would it be like to be a spark living inside a pinball game. I needed some junker machines. I met up with an operator (Bob Gibson) who had small route. His warehouse was in on Ontario St. in North Toledo. He sold me 2 1/2 junkers for $130. Actually, I paid him to clean out his basement. To help him with cashflow to buy new equipment, he also did home sales. Part of his sales agreement, he promised his customers One Free Service Call.

After I graduated and before I was married I spent a lot of time hanging out in his warehouse tinkering with his games. When things got busy he suggested that I do some of his free service calls. He put a value of $300 on this neglected jukebox and $15 for the service call. So, after 20 service calls he helped me move it into my apartment on Collingwood  in the Old West End where I passionately restored this old jukebox. What I learned in those 20 service calls was more valuable than this beautiful Seeburg.

It plays great, sounds great and looks incredible. It’s too heavy and awkward for us to move. If you buy this jukebox you’ll need to hire professional movers. Unless you know what you’re doing, I DO NOT recommend moving this heavy monster yourself!


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