For a game from 1982, this Bally pin was way ahead of its time. Designed by Claude Fernandez, art by Margaret Hudson.

Based on the 70’s board game “MasterMind”, where the player has to carefully complete a series of four 2×2 matrix using red, blue, yellow and green for big points.

Unlike any other 80’s Bally pin, to accommodate four sets of four colorful 2×2 squares, (That’s 64 lamps just for the main game feature!) This game requires TWO lamp driver boards. To make this game sparkle beyond what the design team could ever imagine, every 555 incandescent lamp was replaced with a CoinTaker double LED and brand new AllTech LED Lamp Driver Boards.

Less than 1000 of these beautiful games were ever produced. This game was rescued from a dry basement where it has been for decades, neglected, dead for who knows how long. (Why they didn’t call us before they were moving, their answer was they never got around to it.) This game is in remarkable condition! A solid 9 all the way around.


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