Star Trek The Next Generation


If you’re looking for a cherry, original STTNG, this 1994 Williams pin designed by Steve Ritchie, art by Greg Freres, falls into the category of OMG!

I originally sold this game in 2001 and it was put in an upstairs bedroom away from any windows. There it stayed until last year when the family moved to another side of town. Between the moves, it came back to the shop for a well deserved $1000 deluxe restoration including CoinTaker LEDs. I delivered it to their main floor family room, away from windows in new home. Then, less than a year later, I get a disheartening call that he is getting transferred out of state and they can’t take their game with them, asking if I could give it a good home. (This game is so cherry, I’m thinking about keeping myself. After all, STTNG is in my personal favorite top ten!)

This game is in incredible condition! The only flaws that will be addressed is that there is a vertical scratch on the translight in Warf’s face and the lockdown bar has two rivets holding the locking mechanism in place. If you buy it now before I buy a new lockdown bar and translight the price is $4995.

Everything works. The game plays awesome! There are a few scratches and nicks, mostly on the head. But, the bold colors of the original cabinet makes it look almost brand new! No drilled holes for a security bar. It is a solid 9 if not better

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