Star Wars Data East


This Star Wars was a trade-in. The cabinet was not in the best of condition and was buried up front for months. The playfield and translight gave the overall thought that this has the potential of being a great game. There was some discussion about building another cabinet new. But the cost of doing that would not be very cost effective. Ron took on the challenge! All the paint was sanded down to the bare wood. Imperfections filled with Bondo. Sanded, primed and new vinyl graphics applied. The playfield had a complete teardown, Cointaker LEDs installed. Lots and lots of little details that needed addressing were addressed.

This is the hugely successful 1992 Date East pingame designed by John Borg, Art by Markus Rothkranz. This is the Star Wars game described as the one with the bouncing R2D2 in the upper left corner.

Playfield is awesome and the translight is in great shape.

Hope to have pics posted real soon. The one that is shown is from a previously sold game.


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