Super Star


This is the 1972 single player version of Williams “Honey” with quite the “Mod” look in both art and colors. Designed by Steve Kordek, art by Christian Marche.

Dating myself, I remember when these games were new at the student union at Kent State. I enjoyed both. In addition to the big orange ball-saver post between the flippers, this game has pop-up posts blocking the left and right side drains. Great bumper action with 4 bumpers in a diamond formation. Hitting the rollover buttons up the left and right sides add to the bonus. Bonus, usually earned after the ball is drained can also be collected by going into the center pocket.

The backglass has some flaking at the bottom, playfield has some wear and cabinet has typical wear, nicks and scratches. The lower price is reflective of its price. Great starter game!


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