Tee’d Off


Caddy Shack themed ripoff has attitude! 1993 Gottlieb designed by Ray Tanzer and Jon Norris. Art by David Moore and Connie & Jeanie Mitchell.

This game has come back home after I sold it in 2005, so its been home use only for the last 15 years. Ron did a complete playfield teardown installing CoinTaker LEDs. The original factory playfield Mylar is in really good shape as well as the areas not protected by the Mylar. It has a brand new Translight I bought from Mike years ago. The cabinet is solid and the colors aren’t faded, however the front edges are a little rough with some nicks & scratches. (look at pictures) The plastic dome for the topper was badly cracked so we took it off. For home use, it doesn’t really matter.

This is a fun game to play even if you aren’t a golfer. The rules are easy to understand and can be challenging.

Pictures will be taken as soon as it totally ready and on the floor.


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