We sold this pingame 8 years ago and its come back home for some TLC!  Based on the Tony Award winning Broadway musical based on the 1969 rock opera, The Who’s TOMMY. This pingame plays a different tune during 13 different modes. I have a TOMMY in my basement gameroom.

This 1994 Data East game was designed by Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula, Lonnie Ropp, Lyman Sheats and Orin Day. The Original playfield art was drawn by Marcus Rothkranz, but after a bunch of revisions, Kurt Anderson copied Marcus and compled the final art

This is the sweetest TOMMY ivI’ seen since the last one we sold. Original cabinet is almost perfect except the coin door security bar, which I’m thinking I’ll keep on and a chip on the back left corner of the head.  The playfield and backglass are almost perfect.


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