Upper Deck


Upper Deck is the last electro-mechanical Pitch & Bat Baseball game made by Williams, 1973.

This rescued puppy got the TLC it deserved! Ron did most of the work bringing it back to life. Steveo helped with the cosmetics.

In addition to getting the original sound effect boards working by changing capacitors and diodes, he battled the backwards e-m scoring logic before the schematic arrived from Steve Young’s Pinball Resource.  He even replaced the lamps with CoinTaker LEDs.

We’re waiting for the replacement reproduction backglass from The Shay Group. The only hack that still remains is the batting mech has been replaced with a flipper assembly. I think we have a batting mech somewhere in the polebarn. If and when that gets installed there will be an adjustment in the price.

It plays great. 3 or 5 innings per games. What I like about this game is that it counts the strikes, 3 strikes “you’re out!”

The cabinet has typical scratches and dings. On the right side of the lower cabinet it looks like some punk kid abused the baseball graphic with a screwdriver.

I would c

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