It is best to do repairs on games where it is going to be played. Digital games with problems in a circuit board(s) will require special evaluation. Performing circuit board repair in the field can be risky compared to doing board repair on “the bench” with access to proper equipment and parts is preferred. If this is the case, a return trip would be required incurring additional time and mileage to repair your sick game.

Sometimes, to save a required return trip, if a digital game has been dormant for years and you’re technically inclined, by discussing your game’s condition to our technical staff, you might be able to remove the circuit board that will require attention. By bringing or shipping the circuit boards to the Pinball Store could bypass the initial service call where we remove the boards to take back to the Pinball Store for the proper bench repair. Once the circuit boards are repaired and tested we’ll contact you to set up the service call.

Delivery is $100.00 On Pinball Machines Plus Mileage
(If the Pinball machine cannot fit up or down or through a doorway and the head has to be removed, an additional one hour service call rate of $98.00 will be charged)

Large Game Purchases (I.E. Skee-Ball, Puck Bowler, Bowling Alley or large Video game) that have to be put on a trailer will require $200.00 delivery Charges. Plus Mileage.

Delivery and Setup entitles you the buyer to one (1) Free Service call parts and Labor up to 90 Days. You will be required to pay mileage.

Repair Base Rate:
$98 per hour on games the Pinball Store sold to the customer.
$118 per hour on games bought elsewhere.
Clock starts when job begins. On long distant service calls, the clock begins after 30 miles into the trip. One hour minimum. Ohio Sales tax is added to all jobs.

$1.00 per mile.
Round trip from shop in Maumee.(Mileage is Non Taxable.)

Premium Rates:
For urgent time sensitive service calls requiring us to come in the evening or on the weekend: Time and a Half charged.
$147 per hour on our own games.
$177 per hour on games bought elsewhere.

If the game is not repaired within the first hour, an evaluation will be made to determine how much additional time and parts will be needed to finish the repair. (Assuming the machine is worth repairing.)

If a game cannot be repaired, the one hour minimum still applies. If for any reason the item serviced is not picked up and paid for, We reserve the right to sell the item after 90 days without notice. We will make three attempts to collect if we are unable to collect on the item, We will sell it to recoup our loss.