As a child of the 1970s and 80s I grew up loving pinball and arcade machines. I’ve dreamed of having my own since. I first stepped foot in Dr. Scott’s Maumee store over 10 years ago when a friend purchased two pinball machines from him and I was intrigued enough to stop by myself. Scott was helpful and patient as he answered my questions and showed me their stock. It wasn’t until this year, however, that I was able to make good on my wish. Scott and his staff were amazing! They had a huge collection of classic and brand new machines available. With Scott’s help I selected the Stern Ghostbusters pinball machine and then brought my 15 year old son back to the store on a different day to make sure he loved it as much as I did. The staff could not have been more kind or accommodating. They showed him around the store and while he too wanted the Ghostbusters machine they encouraged him to play test the other machines they had available prior to making our final selection.

If you have ordered furniture or appliances to be delivered you have no doubt seen the vendor talk about their “white glove service.” I’ve never ordered from anyone that matched the level of care and cautiousness that Dr Scott displayed in his delivery and set up of our pinball machine.

Once the machine was up and running he walked us through case and maintenance: how to remove the glass for cleaning, the importance of vacuuming the inside and play field, and what to use when waxing the play field to keep your pinball machine at its optimum performance and appearance. He was even kind enough to help us install the Stern art blades I had purchased from the manufacturer!

We have had our pinball machine for over a month now and we absolutely love it. My son and I play it together daily which in addition to being a lot of fun gives us time to hang out and talk; a premium when you have a teenager. Pinball is such an inviting game that guests of every age enjoy playing it when they stop by.

If you have been on the fence about buying a pinball machine I encourage you to do so at your earliest opportunity. When you are ready to make the purchase you should absolutely buy it from “Dr. Scott.”

-Ryan S.

For over 50 years I’ve enjoyed all kinds of different pinball machines, fondly remembering hours and hours of fun (not to mention the quarters spent). I’ve driven by Dr. Scott’s pinball store in Maumee many times . . . always glancing at the store front and thinking “I need to go in there.” If you’ve done this like me, do yourself a favor and step on the brake and turn in, you won’t regret it. OMG! It was like a time machine and the memories came flooding back. They do excellent work at restoring classic machines and they also carry the newest machines on the market. Entering the store, I was immediately drawn to the rows of older rebuilt pieces and ended up in awe of the latest Stern offerings – Kiss; Metallic; AC/DC; Guardians of the Galaxy and the one I couldn’t resist, Aerosmith Premium. My wife is a Steven Tyler fan! A 2017 introduction by Stern Pinball, Aerosmith Premium is the latest design in Pinball with upper and lower play fields and, of course, awesome music.

Talk about family bonding, everyone likes pinball and wants their turn. It is fun to watch my grandkids interact with both the game and each other. It is completely different than computer games where they stick their faces in a screen. Here they actually talk to each other, yay. Dr. Scott is very knowledgeable and it is obvious at first glance that pinball is his life’s passion. I like doing business with people who are passionate about their work, they are usually better at it!

Rick B.

If you have a sick pinball game, then “Dr. Scott” and his staff will treat your machine with utmost care! Their attention to detail and customer service are unmatched. Rates are fair and a job well done.

Don “Wally” K.

I bought my first pinball machine from Dr. Scott in 1999. I always wanted to have one. He told me it could become addictive and that one may not be enough. Boy was he right. I currently have 21 pinball machines along with a 16’ Big Ball Bowler, 4 slot machines, and a bubbler jukebox. Do yourself a favor. If you’re looking for any of these things, check out Dr. Scott’s. He and Ron do a terrific job of maintaining the games as well after the sale. These machines are designed to run and run and run but every now and then they may need some attention. They are just a phone call away. Thanks for helping me get into this terrific hobby, Scott.

-John H.

I walked into Dr. Scotts to look for the pinball machine I had when I was a kid. I found it immediately, even though he has more machines for sale on display then you could imagine. I was immediately caught up in the lights and sounds of pinball – awesome pinball.

Dr. Scott is an encyclopedia of pinball knowledge. He can give you the backstory on every single game in his showroom. Playing field, backglass, special nuances of the machine – this is a business but it is also a dynamic showcase of pinball from every decade since the game was invented. My words cannot do his knowledge and his games justice; you need to go walk around, play a game and just start talking to Dr. Scott. You will not be disappointed. He can help you determine a game that fits you and back it up with service too.

– Cindy W.