Captain Fantastic


As a player, I pumped more quarters into ‘the Captain’ than any other pin. There was something magical about the art and the design that commanded my attention. When I heard Steve Ritchie at a Pinball Expo share essentially the same sentiment I smiled. Because of ‘The Captain’ is why many of this game have an upper right flipper that go to a challenging shot.

Anywho, this is the highly successful Bally pingame from 1976, designed by Greg Kmiec, art by Dave Christensen.

Overall, this game is in great shape and plays great. There was the typical wear spot between the drop targets and the bumpers. Ron did an awesome job of matching the paint and really looks good.

In the game’s previous like a scoring coil must have got really hot and charred the inside of the head, not effecting the outside of game at all. cabinet is good and solid. Seldom have I seen a bad Captain backglass,