Four Million B.C.


At Cedar Point amusement park, the ground floor of the Coliseum is an arcade. It used to house the most amazing collection of vintage coin operated games.

For decades the back wall was my favorite attraction: a dozen or so electro-mechanical pinball games. In 2018 CP sold off most of the old stuff in a closed bid on-line auction. I found out about it, literally 5 minutes before the deadline of when bids were to be submitted. I threw out a bunch of quick bids and the only game I won was Four Million B.C.

Designed by Ted Zale, art by Dick White, the 1971 Bally 4-player game featured zipper flippers and multi-ball play.

Ron is finally tackling this project in January, 2020, repairing all the hacks that were done over the years to get the game up and running. Surprisingly, cosmetically the playfield, cabinet and backglass are in incredible condition.


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