Gay 90’s


This 4-player 1970 Williams electro-mechanical pinball game was designed by Steve Kordek, art by Christian Marche.

Whenever I see a swinging target I think, “…hey, I’ll bet that’s a Steve Kordek game!” (Question: email me if you can think of a pingame with a swinging target that isn’t a Kordek game)

The simplicity of this game helps make it easy and fun to understand and play. Not for the experienced player looking for challenges, but, a great family game with kids. Or, anyone amused by the name of the game. Plays great.

NOT in a super clean collector’s quality condition. Typical. Some flaking in the backglass. Some wear on the playfield. Nicks and scratches on the cabinet. Steveo had fun painting the legs and the apron to match.


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