Hot Shot

I decided I’m going to keep this game as a route piece. Its a good earner. Although, I’m going keep it on the website for someone who knows how good this novelty game is. I’ll gladly discuss serious offers only.

General Information:
Designed by Mark Coldebella, Chuck Bleich, Brian Eddy
Artistic work by Unknown (Generic Artwork)
Manufacted by Bally in 1992

Comments: Game lets you play 5 different games, but only one player can play at a time. Just like its sister game, Slugfest, it can have a card dispenser as an option to allow basketball or other kind cards to drop as a prize for scoring a particular number of points. This game is on location at The Paragon Sports Center in Holland, OH. Check it out!

Condition: 8/8/8

Year: 1992