Gottlieb really perfected the use of drop targets with Ed Krynski designs in the 70’s. This classic playfield design has 10 of them along the left side at just the right angle to make it challenging and fun. (can you name the other games with the same playfield design?) Art by Gordon Morison.

Lawman is the 2 player version of (almost impossible to find) Sherriff from 1971.

Still needs a little tweaking.

It does have its cosmetic flaws, most noticeably the cabinet paint has some flaking going on, especially on the head. The playfield doesn’t have any wear spots but does have some horizontal cracking in the paint from water based cleaners popular in the 70’s (Fantastic) and there are some thin spots on the backglass. Note: the price already reflects the imperfections.

8/7.5/ 6.5

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