This is the 2006 Stern pingame designed by Pat Lawlor, art by John Youssi.

Huh? 2006? Really? 14 years ago I delivered this game, still new in the box! With great fanfare we took it out of the box in the customer’s home. He got to play the first game. Really, that was 14 years ago?!?!  He traded a some of his personal collection for this one game. Now that he’s downsizing, this is his last game.

This is one beautiful machine! The owner wants to keep it as original as possible so it has NOT been converted over to LEDs. (We can do that for an extra $300.) We did mounted the battery holder off the CPU and updated the software to the latest version. Fresh rubber when we cleaned up the playfield and tweaked and fixed a few things that needed attention.


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