Playboy (Bally)


This is the original 1978 Bally, art by Paul Faris, designed by Jim Patla.

This is a rescued game. Found in a garage. Neglected for years. No plunger tip equals badly warned playfield. However, the cabinet was solid with fairly nice, slightly faded original graphics with only a few scratches and nicks. On each side of the non-abused coin door is a 3/8″ hole we filled with a stove bolt. The original backglass is nice with no flaking or spiderwebbing. So, I bought it. After sanding down the playfield a vinyl playfield overlay was carefully installed. It isn’t perfect but it’s a whole lot better than the nasty original. Steveo did a nice job of giving backglass a clear coat,

Plays like it should: GREAT. LEDs really make the personality of the game pop! It’s a nice one!




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