Shadow, The


Bally 1994 pingame designed by Brian Eddy, art by Doug Watson.

I’m amused by a younger Alex Baldwin on the backglass translight, along with audio clips from the movie including the voice of Tim Curry and others.

Lots of bells and whistles in this game. Double buttons on the side of the cabinet, one pair for the flippers and the other pair for the “daggers” that work as diverters on both left and right ramp for player interaction for control of scoring opportunities. There’s a mini playfield in the upper left corner called the Battlefield. The niftiest feature of all is knocking on the door (a single drop target) with a magnet that grabs the ball for a second or two then slings it around the corner and locks the ball. After the third ball is locked there’s a boom of thunder and the hideous laugh of The Shadow and multi-ball play begins!

This game is in great condition! I’d give it a solid 9. This is one game you won’t get tired of play!



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