World Challenge Soccer


Gottlieb Premier Technology’s 1994 non-licenced soccer themed DMD pingame to cash in on the World Cup craze. A fairly rare game with less than 1500 made, mostly for export. Designed by Jon Norris. Art by David Moore and Connie Mitchell.

For a route piece, this Gottlieb System 3 has been a work horse! Good translight, Playfield has the original factory Mylar, it does have serious wear spots just north of the flippers. The reds on cabinet are bright and solid with only a few nicks. The bolts fill the holes where the factory security bar has been removed. We can reinstall it if you wish, Pimped out with Coin Taker LEDs.

Plays great, The perfect game for the soccer fan.

Due to C-19, the game was pulled off location months ago, cleaned up and put on the floor,

Condition: 8/8/8

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