Service: If, within 30 days, a similar problem to the original symptom occurs, the customer is entitled to one service call only up to the length of the original service call.  Customer still has to pay mileage and any additional parts needed. If it is a new and different problem, it will be considered a new service call. Warranty does not include lights.

Sales: If the buyer of a game chooses to buy the Delivery & Set-Up for $75, the owner is entitled to have one service call within 90 days, parts are covered the mileage is not included.

Our Services are warranted for 90 days on a purchase 60 days on a repair.

Do to the nature of our business moving large heavy arcade games in and out of houses sometimes causes minor dents and bruises in the woodwork, walls, some tile floors, and on doors. Although we take great precautions not to damage the surroundings, We cannot and will not be held liable for minor damages.

There is NO WARRANTY if the buyer takes the game on their own.